3 years

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

€ 3,500


Warsaw, Poland

About the programme

The English Studies program will allow you to develop linguistic competences and skills required in business relations and intercultural communication. We will help you discover the culture, history, literature and the media of both the English-speaking world and of the second foreign language area. You will gain competences in the field of the translation and publishing markets, in the media and organization of cultural events. You will also gain knowledge from the area of marketing and business and develop soft skills, such as ability to facilitate discussions and formulate convincing arguments. You will also get to know rhetorical strategies. We will teach you the principles of teamwork and the basics of international companies’ operation. You will use the acquired knowledge and skills in every area of life – both in business and in media activities.

The study program has a practical profile and is focused on interaction. Classes and seminars are conducted in English. Our supplementary classes will prepare you to operate in an international environment, regardless of the chosen industry. We stand out for our friendly atmosphere and personal approach. All in a dynamic and multicultural environment. Our lecturers are professional translators, cultural managers and employees of the publishing sector.

Philology studies at Vistula University in Warsaw, will enable you to develop professionally in line with your personal interests, regardless of the field or profession you choose.

Field Specialities

  • International Business and Media Studies
  • Translation Studies
  • Anglophone Culture and Literature

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