BA in Graphic Design

3 years



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€ 3,000

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Warsaw, Poland


About the programme

The market of art has been growing dynamically both in Poland and abroad and reconstruction of the value of the market of advertising has become a fact. If you are interested in art and have artistic flair which you would like to develop, studies in the field of Computer Engineering, Graphic Design and Architecture at the Vistula University in Warsaw are what you are looking for. In the course of bachelor’s degree studies in the field of graphic design, you will gain practical knowledge and skills which will allow you to become i.e. a graphic designer in the branch of advertising or develop your gift towards the performance of artistic projects. The demand for creative graphic designers who are competent in using advanced tools, including specialised computer software, keeps growing.

In the course of studies, you can focus on artistic graphic design. You will master workshop techniques of printing, drawing, painting, illustration and photography skills. You will learn to make use of selected forms and instruments of transfer. You will develop your artistic independence and readiness for independent creative work. You will understand the specificity of both the market of art and the branch of advertising. You will also become acquainted with the regulations and principles of the protection of intellectual property rights.

You will gain competences and experience necessary to design visual communication. You will learn how to use graphic design in advertising and marketing. You will get acquainted with the specificity and the technical, substantive and artistic requirements of commercial tasks implemented in the design market.

Graphic design at the Vistula University in Warsaw is a field extremely creative and inspiring. In the course of studies, you will enjoy freedom of speech and expression as well as benefit from the individual approach of your lecturers.

I have finished Maters in Management, specialisation e-business. I was impressed by the expertise of the professors and the knowledge I gained is helping in my current position. The amount of workload was okay, so we could combine our studies and part-time job. As a Master student, I had more practical classes like projects, seminars. We were asked to do multiple group projects on E-commerce, Business Management, Marketing. The exams were properly organized, professors graded us fairly. Most of the studies were aimed at self-development, self-study and teamwork, which gave me proper qualifications and experience for my future job.

Hanna Varanko, 2022. Management, International Admission Officer

Field specialities

  • Artistic Graphic Design
  • Interdisciplinary Graphics

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