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Architecture at the Vistula University embraces four-year engineering studies addressed to candidates of great versatility. The studies combine strict sciences, humanities and art. In the course of studies, you will gain interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of architecture, urban planning and art.

You will learn how to shape your environment and how to change space to make it more beautiful and more functional. You will also be taught how to design modern, friend and life-favouring buildings and whole cities. Thus, if you are endowed with creativity and if you you want to transform your artistic visions into reality, then Architecture – engineering studies at the Vistula University in Warsaw will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Choosing this field, you will come to know the technical aspects of the profession of the architect. You will discover the principles of spatial composition, learn to shape the form and function of buildings. Learn to transform your visions into real architectonic projects and present them with the help of advanced computer techniques

You will develop your competences under the supervision of both experienced architects and specialists of related branches as well as young architects involved in the implementation of the most modern architectural and urbanist projects.

Architecture at the Warsaw Academy of Finance and Business Vistula is a practical field. In the course of studies, you will learn the art of designing and get acquainted with the software intended to facilitate the designing process. Making use of the professionally equipped computer lab (3ds Max, AutoCad, Revit, Sketcup, Photoshop, Blender, Rhinoceros), you will develop competences in the field of visualisation and graphic presentation.

The field of studies is conducted in partnership with Griner, Moje Wnętrze, Marquard Design, RDH Atelier.

I got to know about Vistula University through a portal, then I send an inquiry and I got response. From there I applied, did online interview and I was offered an admission. Studying in Vistula has broadened my perspective about life and Europe generally. During my study, I was part of Vistula ambassador which is the team responsible for assisting new applicants. I was also a student mentor, where I get to mentor new students (Freshmen), pick them up from the airport,assist them with accommodation and get them settled generally in a new country. Prior to applying for master’s in management, I have been managing projects in Nigeria my country. Studying Management helps me realise different decision making strategy a Manager can use. I am grateful for all the scholarships I was offered as well such as Rectors and Vistula Merit Scholarship.” 

Tosin Oladosu. 2022, MA Management (E-Business Project management), Key Account & Project Specialist

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