MA in Energy Management

2 years


October, March

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€ 3,500

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Warsaw, Poland


About the program

If your head is full of ideas, if you are ambitious and if you want to work in business in Poland or abroad, master’s degree studies in the field of Management at Vistula University in Warsaw will prepare you for this perfectly.

In the course of these studies, you will gain knowledge of international standards in the management of business organizations. You will develop leadership competencies which will let you take responsibility for a company and run it so that it will develop and thrive in a competitive market. You will gain knowledge thanks to which you will soon become a specialist in the field of management.
What is most important in management is to be oriented on achieving the set goal. This requires perfect decision-making ability, creativity and flexibility as well as efficiency in planning, organization, coordination and control. You will master these skills by taking up master’s degree studies in the field of Management at Vistula University in Warsaw.

The studies involve prestige and high level. By pursuing well-selected specialities adjusted to market needs, you will learn what are the proper attitudes to be adopted in order to have a multitude of new, global opportunities. You will gain advanced knowledge as regards the functioning of enterprises and organizations. You will come to know the latest management concepts and learn how to apply them in practice. You will find out what entrepreneurship is all about, and how to manage human resources, finances and projects. You will explore managerial economics and ethics in management. You will get acquainted with international economic law and financial markets. You will gain knowledge in the area of management accounting and inferential statistics. You will learn communication techniques and techniques of argumentation, marketing, negotiation and mediation.

I got to know about Vistula University through a portal, then I send an inquiry and I got response. From there I applied, did online interview and I was offered an admission. Studying in Vistula has broadened my perspective about life and Europe generally. During my study, I was part of Vistula ambassador which is the team responsible for assisting new applicants. I was also a student mentor, where I get to mentor new students (Freshmen), pick them up from the airport,assist them with accommodation and get them settled generally in a new country. Prior to applying for master’s in management, I have been managing projects in Nigeria my country. Studying Management helps me realise different decision making strategy a Manager can use. I am grateful for all the scholarships I was offered as well such as Rectors and Vistula Merit Scholarship.” 

Tosin Oladosu. 2022, MA Management (E-Business Project management), Key Account & Project Specialist

As a graduate of the program you may work as:

  • A specialist in energy assessment and effective energy management
  • An energy consultant
  • An entrepreneur in the energy industry
  • An employee of plants related to the acquisition, processing, transmission and distribution of energy

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