MA in English Studies

2 years



Start Date

€ 3,500

Tuition Fee

Warsaw, Poland


About the program

Master’s degrees in English Studies at Vistula University are addressed to people who are planning to work in international structures, who are interested in new media, who want to be actively involved in cultural life and discussions on social problems, who want to become professional translators of specialist texts or editors of foreign language texts in the media.

Master’s degree in English Studies will let you gain a broad array of specialist skills as well as develop competencies in writing different types of texts and making written and oral translations. You will have an internship in a language school, a translation office, a media or cultural institution or in an international company. You will thus gain valuable professional experience as well as the ability to always find your place in the dynamically changing labour market.

English Studies at Vistula University in Warsaw have been designed so as to prepare you in the best possible way to taking up work in a selected area. The practical approach and the broad range of competencies gained will make you able to develop in any particular direction and thus decide for yourself about your future. After graduation, you will be conferred the title of Master of English Philology.

I got to know about Vistula University through a portal, then I send an inquiry and I got response. From there I applied, did online interview and I was offered an admission. Studying in Vistula has broadened my perspective about life and Europe generally. During my study, I was part of Vistula ambassador which is the team responsible for assisting new applicants. I was also a student mentor, where I get to mentor new students (Freshmen), pick them up from the airport,assist them with accommodation and get them settled generally in a new country. Prior to applying for master’s in management, I have been managing projects in Nigeria my country. Studying Management helps me realise different decision making strategy a Manager can use. I am grateful for all the scholarships I was offered as well such as Rectors and Vistula Merit Scholarship.” 

Tosin Oladosu. 2022, MA Management (E-Business Project management), Key Account & Project Specialist

Field specialities

  • Translations
  • Cultural Studies, Literary Studies and Media Studies

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